The Art of Saving

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Mobile Apps for Personal Finance
Find out which mobile apps can turn your phone into a powerful tool for saving money and managing personal finances.

Automating Your Finances
You can automate all parts of your financial life, from investing and saving to bill paying. Learn how to set it up and what the advantages to automating are.

Financial Data Security Checkup
Use this quick checkup to help deter data thieves and protect your finances from identity theft.

Dollar Sense: Financial Field Guide for Young Adults

Dollar Sense: Financial Field Guide for Young Adults
An overview of practical information that young adults can use to help establish their personal finances.

10 Ways to Save on Vacations
Use these top 10 tips to spend less on travel while still enjoying a nice vacation.

6 Small Ways to Save Big Money
Instead of focusing a lot of effort on making many changes to your spending habits, these six areas of your financial life can yield big savings and earnings with just a few small tweaks.

Recovering Unclaimed Property
Approximately 10 percent of Americans have money somewhere, waiting to be claimed, and claiming it can be extremely simple. Learn about the types of unclaimed property, how to find it and how to recover your own unclaimed property.

Creating a Spending Plan
Use these instructions for creating and using your own personalized version of the Spending Plan Worksheet to track your spending and stay on budget.

Spending Plans (Infographic)
This infographic is your roadmap for spending money. Learn why budgeting is important and how to create your own spending plan.

Healthy Living, Healthy Wallet
See how healthy choices improve your savings in addition to your body.

Budgeting for Pets
Food, shelter, health care—all the things needed to keep your family well cared for are likely a part of your budget. But what about your pets? The four-legged members of your household should be a budgeting factor as well, and you may be surprised at just how much man’s best friend can end up costing.

Financial Spring Cleaning
Take a day to handle these financial to-do list items so you won't have to worry about them anymore. Tasks include checking your credit report, rebalancing your portfolio, making a will and more.

Making the Most of Your Garage Sale
Planning a garage sale can be a lot of work, and not all of them yield big returns. Make the most of your garage sale by following these tips.

Top 10 Budget Busters
Even the most diligent, frugal budgeters can get off track sometimes, especially when faced with these notorious budget busters. Learn how to avoid them and stay on target with your budget.

How to Save Money on Clothing
Trim your clothing budget using these tips to take advantage of sales and promotions without sacrificing style.

Should You Play the Lottery?
Is there a right time to play the lottery? No, not really. However, there is an interesting bit of logic that can make a nearly impossible gamble seem like it’s worth the risk.

Avoiding the Wine Price Trap
Learn why good wine doesn't have to come with a high price tag and discover how to find the best bottle for your budget.

Every Last Drop: Making the Most out of Wine
Depending on the bottle, wine can be a true financial asset. Learn about donating and insuring your wine collection as well as the possibility of investing in wine.

Are You Pound Foolish?
Don't be penny wise and pound foolish. These savings strategies pack more of a punch than small frugality habits.

5 Steps to Estimate Your Net Worth
Learn to estimate your net worth quickly and easily, and find out why it helps to know your number.

6 Affordable Habits of the Wealthy
How did the wealthy get to where they are today? While there’s no universal path to financial success, there are some common financial habits that many wealthy people share. Learn what they are—and how you can learn from them.