Retirement Planning

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Saving for Retirement When Young
There is no better time to put your money to work than when you are young. Learn how saving early can prevent future stress and keep more money in your pocket.

The Power of Compounding
Learn how compounding can help your retirement savings grow simply by building off funds that you've already contributed.

10 Tips for Saving for Retirement
No matter your age, just about everyone can benefit from these retirement savings tips. Learn how to set yourself up for a successful retirement with savings tips you can start using now.

Qualified Retirement Accounts Chart
Use this chart as a basic guide to some of the most popular types of qualified retirement accounts in use today.

Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans
Learn about the most common types of employer-sponsored retirement plans, including pension plans, 401k, 403b, 457 plans, TSPs, SIMPLE IRAs, SEPs and ESOPs.

Thrift Savings Plans
Learn about Thrift Savings Plans: a retirement account available to both military and civilian government employees.

This retirement article provides a look at Savings Incentive Match Plans for Employees (SIMPLEs). It covers the basics of the plan as well as advantages that SIMPLEs provide for enrolled participants.

Choosing an IRA: Traditional vs. Roth
Learn about the characteristics of traditional and Roth IRAs and how to determine which can most efficiently contribute to your retirement savings.

Traditional IRAs
This article covers an overview of traditional IRAs, including the difference between Roth and traditional contributions, and how and when to contribute.

Understanding Roth IRAs
Learn the basics of a Roth individual retirement account, including tips for deciding which type of IRA is best for you.

Health Savings Accounts and Retirement
See how the wise use of a Health Savings Account (HSA) can help you save money for your retirement plans.

Invest In Your Retirement Account
Retirement accounts are an efficient and powerful tool for investing. Make sure you know the basics to unlock their potential.

Navigating Retirement Savings During Life's Milestones
As you navigate through life’s major transitions, you may find that saving for retirement is the last thing on your mind. Consider the following suggestions for managing your nest egg, even as you juggle major life changes.

Late to the Retirement Savings Game?
With a little planning and a commitment to saving, these five practical tips can help you to begin building a better retirement future.

Retirement Savings: How Much is Enough?
Do you know your retirement number? Consider the factors that go into estimating your retirement savings goal and decide how much you’ll need to live your retirement dream.

Retiring with Increasing Longevity
Funding retirement is not easy, and our increasing lifespans seem to be making things even harder. Find out how a longer life can affect your financial plans.

A Closer Look at Social Security
Few government entities influence as many people and budgets as Social Security. Find out more about where this program came from and where it might be going.

Delaying Social Security Benefits
Deciding when to start Social Security is all about balancing time and value. Use this visual for a simple look at the effects of waiting to take your benefits.

Social Security Reitrement Income Basics
Social Security is one of the most wide-reaching government programs in the world. Find out how its benefits can affect your retirement plan.

Advanced Social Security Strategies
Amidst the rules and regulations, Social Security offers features that many people ignore. Review these advanced strategies to make sure you do not leave any money on the table.

Congress Ends 2 Advanced Social Security Strategies
Learn about the November 2015 changes to social security and how they will affect the way people file for benefits.

Saving as You Near Retirement
Saving for retirement is crucial during every stage of your life, but it’s especially important to stay strong with saving as you get closer to retirement. Use these financial strategies as you near your retirement age to ensure that you save enough today to live comfortably tomorrow.

Retire Happy: 5 Vital Questions to Discuss with Your Spouse
Before entering retirement, prepare with your spouse for what you want your retirement reality to look like and set a plan for how you can get there. Use this visual to learn which five key questions can help you and your spouse enjoy a fulfilled retirement.

The Best Places to Retire
Discover which parts of the country rank highest for tax purposes, cost of living, health and wellness, recreation and quality of life so you can decide where to settle down in your retirement.

5 Major Mistakes People Make Before Retirement
As you near retirement, you have less time to recover from your financial faux pas. Avoid these five mistakes to help keep your retirement plans on track.

Joint Planning for Retirement
Retirement can seem like paradise while you're still in the workforce, but planning without your spouse's input can lead to problems. Learn why joint retirement planning is so important and how your quality of life during retirement can benefit from habits you establish now.

Estimating Retirement Income Needs
Estimating how much money you need when you retire can be a difficult task, but this article is filled with helpful tips and strategies to help get you on your way to future financial stability.

Training for Retirement
Although people eagerly anticipate the peace of retirement, adjusting to the new lifestyle can be difficult. Discover a few things you can do to prepare yourself for life as a retiree.

Retirement Income Strategies
Learn about your potential sources of retirement income (pensions plans, savings and Social Security) as well as strategies for combining them for your best possible retirement.

The End of the 4% Rule?
With all the economic changes over the past few years, even the most popular retirement models are being reconsidered. Find out why the famous "4 percent rule" has been disappearing from retirement plans.

Reviewing Retirement Plan Information
Retirement plans represent a huge investment of time and money. Make sure you are making good use of all the information available to you.

Lump Sum or Annuity: Ask These 5 Questions
If you’ll be retiring soon and have a pension, ask yourself these 5 critical questions before deciding whether to take your pension as a lump sum or annuity.

Partial Retirement
Ready to slow down but not ready to stop working? Discover how partial retirement is helping people transition away from their careers.

Partial Annuitization
Discover how partial annuitization can add some flexibility to the rigid world of retirement annuities.

Payment of Retirement Benefits
Learn about the basics of retirement benefits, including when payments begin, what form they come in and the details of survivor benefits.

Asset Allocation During Retirement
Retirement does not mean an end to retirement planning. Learn how asset allocation changes once you start to make use of your savings.

Avoiding "Spending Paralysis" in Retirement
If you've been a saver your entire life, how do you make the switch to spending down your hard-earned assets in retirement? Here's 5 reasons to spend, not save.

Borrowing and Withdrawing Retirement Funds
When facing the choice of whether to take money from your retirement fund before you retire, make sure you know the penalties and consequences for your taxes and financial plan.

Understanding RMDs
After saving for retirement for most of your life, don't let your savings be diminished by tax penalties. Learn how and when to take required minimum distributions.

Managing Healthcare Costs in Retirement
Health care costs are growing faster than any other expense in America. Learn what you can do to limit their impact on your retirement plans.

Dealing with a Retirement Income Shortfall
What can you do if you don't have enough money saved for retirement? These strategies can help.

Re-Evaluating Retirement
This infographic provides a second look at retirement, including evaluating preparedness, how much money you'll need and important retirement milestones.

Inheriting an IRA
The rules for accepting an inherited IRA are different than for inherited cash. Learn about your options so you don't make a costly tax mistake.

The Australian Retirement Model
Is Australia’s enthusiasm for saving the new standard for the rest of the world? Find out how its citizens fund their retirements and why its plans have been so successful.