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8 Myths of Financial Planning Debunked
Do you have any of these eight common misconceptions about the financial planning industry? Consider the other side of these financial planning myths.

4 Steps to Attainable Financial Goals
Setting financial goals is essential to creating a financial plan—learn how to create goals and measure your progress toward them.

The Importance of Financial Planning at Any Age
It can be easy to forget about having a financial plan until you really need one. Consider the importance of a financial plan through the decades, and see how planning can help you at every life stage.

The Value of a Comprehensive Financial Plan
An overview of comprehensive financial planning and why it can be beneficial.

Financial Planning with Variable Income
When your income varies from month to month, it affects more than just your budget. Read this article to find out how to manage your cash flow more effectively as well as how it affects your retirement, investing, insurance and tax planning.

Monte Carlo Simulation
A streamlined graphic explaining what happens during a Monte Carlo analysis of a portfolio.

Monte Carlo Simulations Explained
Use this article to get an idea of how Monte Carlo simulations work, why financial advisors use them and how they can help you with investment planning.

Year-End Financial Checklist
At year-end, use this checklist to make sure your finances are in order and you're taking full advantage of the tax strategies available to you.

How Advisors Get Paid — Understanding Fees and Commissions
You've probably heard some jargon when it comes to advisors and their fees, such as fee-only, fee-based and commission, but it may not be clear what the real distinctions are. Find out about the different types of fees you may encounter as well as their pros and cons.

Practicing Financial Self-Defense
Learn how to recognize and protect yourself from unethical practices and avoid making financial mistakes.