Female Breadwinners

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Are Women Financially Savvy?
Women often face different opportunities and challenges than men do. Here's how women can uniquely approach their finances.

What's Keeping Women from Financial Freedom?
Financial literacy is important in achieving your goals. Many women lack financial literacy and don't know where to begin. Here's how to take the first step to financial freedom.

Women and Financial Independence
In order to achieve independence, women need to take an active role in managing their finances. Here's how to get started.

Job Hunting Tips for Women
Women can more easily navigate the job hunt with these tips for resumes, cover letters, interviewing and networking.

Starting Your Career
Start out on the right foot with these tips for how to succeed at your first job.

Women and Work Life Balance
Women often struggle the most with work-life balance. You can change your habits both at work and at home to get closer to achieving balance.

Balancing Children and Aging Parents
The Sandwich Generation refers to those who struggle to support both parents and children at the same time. Here's how to find a balance.

Re-Marriage To-Do's
Merge your families and your finances with these strategic tips for getting remarried.

Planning a Mid-Life Career Change
If you're unhappy in your current job and want to make a career change late in life, it's important to make a thorough plan first.

Why Women Need to Save for Retirement
Women face unique barriers to saving for retirement. At the same time, they have greater savings needs. Here's how to fix the problem.

Advancing Your Career
Make a plan for how to get your dream job, and execute it with help from these tips on how to negotiate your salary, ask for a promotion and increase your marketability.

For Better Investing, Think Like a Woman
Studies have found that women's returns tend to outpace men's, but women often get a bad rap when it comes to investing. Leverage the natural approach that allows many women to succeed at investing.