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Digital Estate Planning
It may be easy to overlook digital assets during estate planning, but with the average American valuing their digital assets at more than $54,000, setting up a solid digital estate plan can help ensure that you both maximize the financial benefit to your heirs and protect your own postmortem reputation.

Trust Administration
Get an overview of the major goals and responsibilities of trust management.

Declaration to Physicians
Plan ahead by reading about living wills and the medical directives they address.

Model Living Will & Advanced Directives
This model living will and advanced directives provides a set of written instructions on what health decisions an agent should make if the person should become incapacitated or incapable of making health decisions. In addition, this model living will and advanced directives should be used in conjunction with a power of attorney to provide comprehensive health care guidance.

Power of Attorney & Living Will Packet
This convenient packet contains a health care power of attorney, a durable power of attorney, a HIPAA authorization and a living will and advanced directives. These documents can be used individually, or in conjunction, to help provide guidance on what health decisions should be made in the event an individual is incapable of making health-related decisions or is incapacitated. The packet also allows the authorization of protected health information under the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

Power of Attorney
Creating a power of attorney can protect your life and property when you are unable to make decisions.

Model Durable Power of Attorney
This model durable power of attorney provides the grantor with the ability to designate an individual to represent or act on behalf of the grantor in any legal, business or otherwise private affairs. The durable power of attorney is in effect until the grantor dies or revokes the power of attorney.

Choosing Beneficiaries
Choosing your beneficiaries carefully and consistently is one step of estate planning that too many people underestimate. Learn why beneficiary designations can derail your estate plan if you aren't careful.

Trusts as Beneficiaries of Retirement Plans
Passing the distributions of a retirement plan through a trust can greatly increase account security and control, even if the owner is not alive to see it.

Simple Wills
Read about the cornerstone of modern estate planning.

Avoiding Probate
Not everything in an estate needs to be in a will. Read about some of the most popular ways to avoid the expenses of probate.

Essential Estate Planning Concepts
From trusts to living wills, get an overview of the documents that are essential to a proper estate plan.

Steps to Estate Planning
Get an overview of the various documents and procedures used in modern estate plans.

Life Stage Estate Planning
Each part of life puts new requirements on your estate plan. Learn what steps are essential to protecting the future of your family and your property.