Charitable Giving

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How to be Good at Doing Good
Doing good doesn't happen overnight, and neither should your charitable giving strategy. Use this visual to learn the six steps to get your charitable giving on a path to success.

How Charitable Giving Affects Your Financial Plan
See how charitable giving affects each of the six main areas of a comprehensive financial plan, and determine how to plan your charitable strategy with all aspects of your financial plan in mind.

Charitable Giving Throughout the Year
Charitable giving is typically focused around the most generous time of year—the holidays. Learn how to use your charitable giving strategy to make giving a year-round habit, not a once-per-year task.

Involving Family in Your Charitable Giving Strategy
Including family in your charitable giving strategy can mean a lot of family money talk. Learn how to navigate these discussions and create a family legacy of giving.

Teaching Children about Charitable Giving
Involving children in the charitable giving process can help teach them financial literacy and responsibility as well as show them the importance of helping others. Learn some tips for teaching children the importance of charitable giving from a young age.

Planning Your Philanthropic Strategy
Devise a plan to assess your philanthropic goals and complete your family's wealth transfer as efficiently as possible.

Strategic Charitable Giving
This infographic helps you understand strategic charitable giving, including how it affects your approach to donating to charity and how it can help you in the long run.

Strategic Charitable Giving Guide
Learn how strategic charitable giving can help you reach your charitable goals as well as how to choose a charity and donation method, how to deduct charitable donations, how to donate your estate and much more in this comprehensive guide.

Creating a Strategic Giving Plan
Discover how strategic charitable giving can help your charitable donations go further and learn how to give with intent.

Charitable Giving Methods - Chart
Use this quick guide to review the major features and appropriate uses of the most popular charitable giving methods.

Charitable Giving Vehicles
Learn how to use charitable giving tools to grow a donation through investment, possibly allowing you to donate more than by gifting directly.

Choosing a Charitable Giving Tool
Use this questionnaire to determine which giving tools will work best for you, based on factors that will likely play into your charitable giving strategy.

Giving Options for Wealthy Donors
As a wealthy donor, you may have additional options to get involved with charity. Learn about the extended options that donating a large amount offers you, including private foundations and donor-advised funds.

Evaluating Charities
A charity may have the best of intentions yet still inefficiently spend its donations. Learn how to research a charity’s efficacy and see where your charitable dollars are really going.

Giving to Disaster Relief
Before giving to disaster relief, consider the type of immediate and future needs you want your donations to support.

Direct Gifts
Learn how to maximize your tax benefits for wealth transfer by making the most of direct gifting.

Direct Gifting to Charities
Direct gifting may seem like the most straightforward way to donate to charity, but you might have more options for direct donation than you realize. Make sure you know your options and the tax consequences of these options before you make a donation.

Giving to Public Charities
Public charities represent the majority of your giving options in the charitable world. Learn about these organizations, how you can donate to them and the types of tax benefits you can expect.

Options for Donating Your Estate to Charity
When building a charitable giving strategy, it’s important to consider the kind of charitable legacy you want to leave behind after your death. Learn about your options for donating your estate to charity.

Setting Charitable Goals
Learn how to discover your charitable passion, set measurable results and start on your way to achieving charitable success.

Donating Appreciated Securities
Learn about how donating appreciated securities provides donors with tax relief, lowers exposure to risk and other benefits.

Trusts as a Planning Strategy
Trusts and the many acronyms that accompany them can be confusing; learn how to decode these acronyms and understand the benefits that different types of trusts offer your wealth transfer plan.

Charitable Trusts and Annuities
You may be able to donate more than you think by using charitable giving methods that allow you to grow your donation through investment. Learn how to use charitable gifts and annuities to maximize your donations.

Private Foundations and Donor-Advised Funds
If you are able to donate a considerable amount of wealth to charity, your charitable options may expand. Learn how to create and operate private foundations and donor-advised funds to maximize your charitable giving and carry out your wealth transfer plan.

Combining Wealth Transfer Strategies
There are many strategies available for your wealth transfer plan, but that doesn't mean that all of them will be right for you and your family. Learn how to combine the options that work best for you and find the right amount of complexity for your plan.

Donating as a Business Owner
Charitable giving is often connected to personal motivations, but, as a business owner, it might just make good business sense too. Learn how to create a charitable giving strategy for your business, including how to deduct donations on your business' tax return.

Transferring Business Assets
You've worked hard to build a successful learn how to preserve your business with a smooth transition to the next generation.

Deducting Charitable Contributions
A great way to benefit a worthy cause while lowering your tax bill is to take advantage of the deduction for charitable contributions. Learn the deduction's limits and how to qualify.

Taking Deductions for Charitable Gifts
Tax code determines how your charitable donations can translate into deductions. Here’s what you need to know to claim charitable donations on your tax return.

Monitoring Your Charitable Giving Strategy
Learn how to assess your charitable impact by making sure your charitable strategy is doing the most good possible, both for yourself and the organizations you donate to.

Avoiding Charity Fraud
Don’t let your donations fall victim to scam artists. Here’s how to protect yourself from charity fraud by learning to recognize, prevent and report the signs of fraudulent activity.