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Market Research for Small Businesses
Market research, the process of gathering information on your industry, product and potential customers, is a way to increase your odds of succeeding as a small business. Learn about primary and secondary research and how to conduct your own.

Choosing a Business Entity
Choosing the structure of your business is one of the most important decisions you will make as a business owner. Learn how to factor taxes, recordkeeping and liability into the type of business you wish to run and choose the best entity for you.

Family Limited Partnerships
Family Limited Partnerships provide a potentially tax-friendly way for small businesses to transfer ownership and protect their assets.

Compensation Strategies: Sole Proprietorships
Determine how to pay yourself as the owner of a sole proprietorship, setting a salary that benefits both your business and personal finances.

Compensation Strategies: S-Corporations
Determine how to pay yourself as the owner of an S corporation, finding the most efficient balance of taking distributions and earning a salary.

Compensation Strategies: C-Corporations
Determine how to pay yourself as efficiently as possible as the owner of a C corporation by minimizing double taxation and avoiding IRS penalties.

Compensation Strategies: LLCs
LLCs offer many options for paying yourself, depending on how you elect to be taxed. Determine the most effective compensation strategy for you and learn how to avoid IRS penalties on your income.

Compensation Strategies: Partnerships
Determine how to pay yourself in a partnership, setting a salary that allows all partners to split the benefits of the business fairly.

Personal Assets and Business Risks
Find out the ways you might be personally liable for your business's debt and how to protect yourself from losing valuable personal assets to business risk.

Business Financial Checkup
Use this simple questionnaire to help assess and plan for the unique financial needs of business owners.

Business Credit Scores
Did you know that as a business owner, you have the opportunity to maintain a business credit score separate from your personal score? Learn why business credit is important and how to build and maintain it.

Employment Practices While Hiring and Recruiting
Discover how the hiring of new employees can expose a company to employment practices liability.

Best Practices for an Employee Evaluation Program
Evaluating employee performance is more than just filling out an evaluation form. Reduce employment practices liability (EPL) claims by creating an overall objective employee evaluation program for your company.

Common Employment Law Complaints
Learn more about employment practices liability (EPL) and the risks created by the employer-employee relationship.

Workers Compensation Insurance
Learn about the insurance coverage every employer needs to have and what can be done to lower its cost.

Shrink Employment Liabilities
Protect your business, reputation and employees by reviewing the biggest sources of employment practices liability.

Cutting Business Costs
If you're struggling to keep your business afloat, it can be tempting to slash business costs across the board in an attempt to stay solvent. Learn how to strategically cut costs instead, helping save money without affecting your value proposition.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance
Learn more about protecting your business equipment assets with equipment breakdown insurance.

Crime Insurance for Business Owners
If you own a business, you have theft exposures. Learn more about how to protect your bottom line with tailored crime insurance coverage.

Buy-Sell Agreements
Considering your options for business succession? Learn how a buy-sell agreement can help provide for both your business partners and your family, as well as how to fund one.

Investing for Small Business Owners
Investment strategy takes on a whole new level of risk when you're a small business owner. Learn about the common investing mistakes that many small business owners make and how to avoid them.

Top Small Business Tax Deductions
Learn about common tax deductions for small business owners to make sure you're taking advantage of the deductions available to you. You'll also learn what business owners cannot deduct.

Hobby Loss Rules
Can tax claims change your business into a hobby? Learn how to recognize if your business is at risk for "hobby loss" rules.

Retirement Planning for Small Business
For small business owners, retirement plans can come in all shapes and sizes. Learn how to choose one that can offer you and your employees the best possible benefits.

Estate Planning for Small Business
As a small business owner, you have unique estate planning needs. Learn how to safeguard the wealth that's tied up in your business and ensure that both your business and your loved ones are cared for after you're gone.

Business Succession Options
Forming a plan for the succession of your business at the time of your death, disability, divorce or retirement is crucial for ensuring its future success. Learn about your options so you can create a smart plan.

Protecting Against the Loss of a Key Employee
Losing a key employee to death, disability or voluntary termination can have dramatic repercussions for your business. Learn how to safeguard your business against these potentially devastating consequences.

Securities Law Risks and Compliance
Learn about risks present to directors and officers of publically traded companies, and their responsibility for the information they provide to shareholders.