Business Banking

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Financing with Business Equity
Although many business owners dislike the idea of selling a part of their company, using equity to finance a business can be a crucial step in helping the whole company reach success.

Business Credit Scores
Did you know that as a business owner, you have the opportunity to maintain a business credit score separate from your personal score? Learn why business credit is important and how to build and maintain it.

Credit Sources for Your Business
Like people, businesses use credit to keep their finances running smoothly. Discover the types of credit available to businesses and the needs they help companies meet.

Business Credit Cards
Credit cards have become an integral part of how small businesses purchase supplies and pay their bills. Discover the benefits of using business credit cards, and find out how they compare to a business’s other credit options.

Business Financial Checkup
Use this simple questionnaire to help assess and plan for the unique financial needs of business owners.

Business Loans: The Basics
Get familiar with the basics of how business loans work and what you need to apply for one.

Being a Business Loan Candidate
Getting a business loan can be tough. Find out why banks are hesitant to lend money and what you can do to convince them that you’ll be a success.

Standards Loans with the SBA
Find out how the Small Business Administration (SBA) uses its 7(a) loan program to help small businesses borrow the money they need.

Microloans for Small Business
Businesses can have a variety of needs—not all of them big. Microloans provide a way for companies to meet some of the smaller financial demands of their business.

Real Estate and Equipment Loans
Real estate and business equipment are expenses most companies can’t cover by themselves. Learn more about the special loans that help fund these high-priced business needs.

Selecting Commercial Real Estate
Choosing the right piece of commercial real estate is one of the biggest challenges a business has to face. Take a look at some of the things you need to consider when searching for a place to move a business.