Behavioral Finance

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Understanding Your Financial Mind
Understanding your mindset, which is the foundation of your financial health, will help you reach your financial goals. How does your financial mind develop? Read on to find out

Biases: The Driving Force Behind Financial Thinking
You want to make financially healthy decisions, but you may be sabotaging your own plan. How? Learn about the common biases that affect your thinking and prevent you from meeting your investment goals.

Savings and Willpower
Willpower isn't enough for saving money effectively. This infographic covers savings hacks and ideas to make saving easier.

The Psychology of Debt
The concept of credit isn't bad; it's the unhealthy behaviors that lead to uncontrolled spending and mismanaged debt that are detrimental. Read on to find out more about healthy and unhealthy behaviors associated with credit and debt.

Inside the Investor's Mind
Understanding the psychological weaknesses that typically afflict investors will help you prevent them from damaging your own investment portfolio.

For Better Investing, Think Like a Woman
Studies have found that women's returns tend to outpace men's, but women often get a bad rap when it comes to investing. Leverage the natural approach that allows many women to succeed at investing.