Financial Planning in the Digital Age

At Hampton Wealth Management, we believe that everybody needs and deserves a quality financial plan, because a surprising number of people lack awareness and organization when it comes to their finances. The advent of open architecture has enabled tech-savvy, independent wealth managers to create a branded, digital, and holistic experience that will keep up with you 24/7, on any device, and that will evolve with you over time.

For example, when visiting a modern wealth management website, the firm will provide you with an interactive online experience, so that you can try to figure things out yourself using state-of-the art tools on a complimentary basis. Each step is driven by CFP video segments and supported by live, instant messaging. These guided labs happen around the clock at your convenience and take place on your computer from the privacy of your own home, where you already have all your records.

Different experiences are available based on your self-defined personality, walk of life, or career stage, so that the data gathering and explanations are relevant to you with the use of web portals and account aggregation software. This breakthrough helps to overcome the misconception that financial planning is not interesting or easy to understand. The end goal of this encrypted web feature is to create a personalized base line for your self-examination and future reference. It can actually be empowering.

Given that we live in a world of finite resources yet unlimited needs, wants, and wishes, invariably the reality check will identify and educate you about potential gaps in your goals and plans. This form of self-diagnosis will provide you the option of contacting the sponsoring firm, if you would like to explore how they might be able to help you. None of your personal information is shared, unless you opt-in, so you don’t have to worry about a pesky broker or agent hounding you afterwards.

Should you decide to engage a tech-savvy planner, he/she can provide you with a collaborative experience complete with real-time visuals to illustrate different “what-if” scenarios, done side-by-side, right in front of you, to determine which one makes the most sense. When we add in Monte Carlo Analyses, psychometric Risk Profiling, as well as forward-looking Stress Tests (all made possible by Application Programming Interfaces), you will be able to provide informed consent to the plan of action forged by you and your financial advisor.

Financial planning is similar to personal training, and is very affordable. The retainer fee is very much like a monthly gym membership, which keeps you physically and fiscally fit. Let us be your Money Guide and keep you on track to your fitness goals.

Through progress reporting, we can start to link previous plans with future goals to illustrate just how far you will have come over the years with behavioral coaching.

This cutting-edge approach isn’t at all like your father’s (or your ex’s) financial planner with excel spreadsheets and yellow pads... both anachronisms of the past! How will your life story unfold? Don’t just wing it. Prepare for life's unscripted problems...

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Article printed in Hampton Magazine, Quarter 3, 2016