Global Reach, Local Presence

Open Architecture

At Hampton Wealth Management, we believe in using the best of breed for any niche of the investment universe. Because we are an independent financial advisory firm, we are paid to be objective. If the type of investment opportunities we are seeking are not available on one platform, then we can find them through another custodian. Unlike many other things in life, our answer is rarely ever no. Where there is a will, there is a way — provided that it is a prudent investment. The world is literally at your fingertips.

World Class Investment Management Talent

In addition to picking stocks, exchange traded funds, or even mutual funds together, we can also access institutional caliber money managers to assist us with any asset class, whether it is small caps, international equities, fixed income, or any other alternative asset class. Through Hampton Wealth Management, you can acquire privileged access to a wider array of mutual funds and/or separately managed accounts. Most of these are not available through standard retail channels. With so many choices, Hampton Wealth Management is the financial advisor who can save you time by providing you with the expertise to narrow them down to customized opportunity set — just for you.

Face-Time with Financial Services Expertise

Above all, we cannot stress the importance of being your local investment management contact. No matter how far flung our investments are, we are always here on the ground for you, while letting our hand-picked teams of experts and specialists scour the world for investment opportunities. We can meet here in our office, outside at your house, or even at some other location where you feel comfortable talking.

Our office serves Pittsburgh and its surrounding regions, including the North Hills (Allison Park, Cranberry Township, Hampton, Ross Township and Wexford), the East (Monroeville, Irwin and Murrysville) and Mount Lebanon.

Accountability can only truly be had by looking you in the eye and understanding your soul. Many forms of nonverbal communication can come through clearly and only in person, rather than over the phone. This is a clear advantage to meeting in person. Seeing one another helps us be in tune with each other and gauge mutual agreement. There is a time and place for using the telephone as a medium for convenience, but this cannot replace the rapport that needs to be built upfront and done in person from time to time for relationship maintenance reasons. At Hampton Wealth Management, we want to be your best friend, not just your trusted financial advisor.

And, even if we reach that point of doing things by phone, you can always rest assured knowing that we can meet in person at any time, should the occasion arise. We are always generous with our time.

Long Distance Wealth Management Relationships

If your job or retirement takes you outside of Pittsburgh permanently, and you don't think you'll ever be back to visit, then our ultimate goal is to travel and see you. However, until that time comes, our philosophy is such that the further away you are, the closer we need to be — in terms of contact frequency. Perhaps, quarterly investment progress reviews are not enough; maybe we need to talk monthly instead, or even more often than that, if necessary. We also plan on using video conference call technology to bridge the distance (e.g. Skype), as well as e-mail of course. Let's face it, the world is flat.