Truly Customized Investment Portfolios

Like a made-to-measure suit, no two financial portfolios are alike.

Each account is custom-tailored according your specific circumstances and unique preferences, including your:

From there, we can design investment portfolios to fit you and your holdings based on:

As a final overlay, we will go beyond traditional asset allocation by examining risk factors. We want to make sure that the portfolio we build will create a diversified, controlled exposure to those risks that can deliver the best potential reward. We do this by deploying managers who implement “tail risk” hedging techniques that seek to protect the portfolio during severe market crises. In our financial plans, we use Monte Carlo analysis. In portfolio management, they also evaluate a wide range of extreme scenarios, and then identify instruments that can help to mitigate portfolio downside against these risks. In doing so, Hampton Wealth Management attempts to guard its investors’ assets during times of market stress and enable investors to take advantage of opportunities that follow market crises.

Unlike many other firms, we are not interested in cookie-cutter shortcuts.

Each investment is hand-picked to complement the investments you already have.

If you want to include a speculative idea off the beaten path, go right ahead. It's your money, so we can make room for it somewhere, somehow.

Each recommendation is based on the best of what is available at the time of purchase and/or sale — all based on sound, documentable research and a little common sense. We are not an investment management firm interested in hype or salesmanship.

And, like personally tailored clothing, you will never go back to off-the-rack...